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An everyday task — carrying laundry downstairs — led to a foot injury and a winter of rest, healing and rehabilitation for Jackie Fiegel. “I missed the bottom step of the stairs,” recalls Jackie, a longtime instructor at Pure Pilates, of the early December incident that caused shooting pain in her right foot. She’d broken… Read more »

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We’ve all been told that eating well first thing in the morning is important. But have you ever wondered why exactly? Here’s some insight from one of our instructors, Kim Marian, who has attended several nutrition lectures presented by leading dieticians, including one working with US Olympic athletes. Your body has been sleeping and recovering… Read more »

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  Tom Spencer cherishes time spent with his granddaughter. Tom Spencer’s motivation for maintaining good health can be traced to someone very important to him: his 1-year-old granddaughter—and, well, any future offspring his three children may eventually have. “I want to be able to get on the floor with my grandchildren,” says Tom, of Traverse… Read more »