A reformer studio, but so much more!


PRIVATE PILATES: Focused on you and your body! We will identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you to understand the movement necessary for you to benefit from pilates.  These private sessions may include our different types of equipment such as the reformer, cadillac, and stability chair.  These sessions can also help you prepare for a class setting so you know your limits, any modifications and an understanding of the queuing and equipment.  Private sessions are available seven days a week.


DUET: A great way to get a fun work-out with a friend or partner on the reformer or stability chairs. All with the personalized attention of a private session at a discounted rate. 


CLASSES: Designed for up to six clients, with over 45 sessions weekly! Using the reformer and small props we create a well-rounded routine that is appropriate for all participants. Our sessions are broken down into four levels from beginners to accelerated.  Our highly trained staff will help you determine what class is most suitable for you during your getting started package.


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Please text or call 231.218.4849 or email to get scheduled.