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Pilates Classes in Traverse City

Getting Started Options

New clients can select from these options to get started at our studio. Our goal is to meet your specific needs while keeping you safe.

Complete our   New Client Information Form   or text/call 231-218-4849 to get started.

NEW: Online Mat Class

$15.50 – one 50-minute class
— or —
$75 for a package of five

This new offering allows you to connect with your instructor, who will be there to watch you and correct your form. All you need is a phone, tablet or laptop to take advantage of this special offering.   

The Getting Started Package

$195 – Four private sessions at 45 minutes each

Our introductory “Getting Started Package” is recommended for anyone new to pilates. You will learn the pilates principles and basic exercises one on one with a highly-trained instructors. Learning the foundations will allow you to get the most out of your pilates practice. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, teach you modifications necessary to keep safe and proper alignment to get the most out of your workouts.  After these four sessions, you have the option of continuing with privates, moving to one of our duet sessions or joining a small group reformer classes.

The New to Pure Private Session

$50 – One 50 minute private session

This one-on-one session is designed for clients new to our studio regardless if you are just beginning pilates, have injury, or have a pilates addiction! Your instructor will introduce or refresh the Pilates Principles, take you through a workout,  assess your abilities and help you find the class that is right for you! Private sessions with Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Stability Chair are also available.

The Introductory Reformer Class

$10 – One 50-minute class

Curious about Pilates, or wondering what a reformer is? Not sure if Pilates is right for you? This small class of six is a perfect way to try a safe, fun reformer workout with one of our highly-trained instructors. Learn more about our studio offerings and feel how Pilates can make you long, strong, balanced and centered. This class is ideal for all fitness levels and is easily modified for those with limitations. 

Private Pilates Classes

Private Pilates Package

$575 for ten 50-minute sessions
— or —
$350 for ten 30-minute sessions

Focused on just you and your body! We will identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you to understand the movement necessary for you to benefit from pilates. These private sessions may include our different types of equipment such as the reformer, cadillac, and stability chair. Great for levels beginning to advanced, anyone with injury, or that enjoys the one on one attention.

Email   jennifer@purepilatestc.com  or text or call 231.218.4849 to schedule a private session.

Duet Pilates Classes

Duet Classes

A great way to get a fun work-out with a friend or partner on the reformer or stability chairs. All with the personalized attention of a private session at a discounted rate. 

GROUP Classes

Reformer Classes

Designed for up to six clients, with over 40 classes weekly! Using the reformer and small props we create a well-rounded routine that is appropriate for all participants. Our sessions are broken down into five levels from beginners to accelerated.  Our highly trained staff will help you determine what class is most suitable for you during your getting started session or package.

Mat Classes

 $155 for  ten 50-minute sessions 

A  round of mat work with up to eight clients in the group studio.

$15.50 for one 50-minute ONLINE Class

The maximum class size is six.


Getting Started Package and New to Pure – One Client

45-minute package of four  $195
One 50-minute session  $50


Introductory Reformer Class – Maximum Six Clients

One 50-minute class


Private Session Rates – One Client

 30-minute package of ten$350  (drop in fee $45)
 50-minute package of ten$575 (drop in fee $70)


Duet Session Rates  –  Two Clients

30-minute package of ten$225  (drop in fee $35)
50-minute package of ten$375  (drop in fee $45)


Reformer Class Rates – Maximum Six Clients

 40+ classes per week
30-minute package of ten$175  (drop in fee $25)
50-minute package of ten$250  (drop in fee $35)


Mat Class Rates – Maximum Eight Clients

50-minute package of ten$155  (drop in fee $25)
One 50-minute ONLINE Class